One-Act Plays

Selected One-Acts

(15-20 minutes, horror / dark comedy)

(1F, 1 M or F)

A young woman enters a Turrell installation at an art museum in Pittsburgh. It’s pitch black. She thinks she’s alone. And then she hears breathing.

[2013] Premiered at FlushInk Theater in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada as part of UnHinged: A Festival of Disturbing Theater
[2013] Commissioned by Generous Theater Company and initially presented at GUMBO, a festival of new works exploring the connections between neurobiology and art at Baltimore Theatre Project

SPINAL ALIGNMENT (15 minutes, drama / comedy)

(1F, 1M)

After a brief 2 AM dating site meet-up at the Midtown East McDonalds, Sheila goes with Donovan to his grungy apartment. Their casual encounter quickly morphs into an existential crisis as they struggle to connect.

[2013] Published in The Book of EstroGenius 2011
[2011] Premiered at EstroGenius Festival at Manhattan Theater Source

A PICKLE (45 minutes, drama/ comedy)


Based on a true story. In 2000, for the second year in a row, the Minnesota State Fair rejected Doris Rubenstein’s traditional kosher dill pickles. When Doris confronted the judges, it became clear that they didn’t understand her traditional Jewish brining process and assumed her pickles were spoiled. They also informed her they have “a difficult time judging recently arrived immigrant groups.” Doris realized there was more than pickles fermenting, there was hell to raise. A PICKLE is a darkly comedic look at a lack of diversity represented in Midwest mainstream culture, and the power of Chutzpah (outrageous gumption).

[2017] Production, Minnesota Fringe Festival
[2014] Workshop,  The Playwrights’ Center

MOLD (40 minutes, horror / dark comedy)

(2F, 1M)

Jess has serious problems. Her apartment is dirty. Very dirty. And Gert, the decrepit cleaning woman, is not helping. Also, Jess has to deal with Rick, the repairman who breaks things. If only Jess could get her bathroom sparkling clean, she might be able to finally talk to her Laundromat crush Trevor.  But as her failed attempts to clean her apartment lead to increasingly violent impulses, she is forced to confront her own psychic dirt.

[2013] Student production, University of Iowa