DRIVE – a drama (set in a future not far down the road) about a community of truck drivers whose lives are forced to shift gears when they lose their jobs to self-driving vehicles. DRIVE will investigate our collective fears surrounding an AI future, and the possibilities when individuals, particularly in a country where we’re so defined by our work, are forced to reevaluate their purpose and what drives them.

*DRIVE is being written and developed through the 2018-2019 Civilians’ R&D Group.

THE CALM BEFORE – a two-character play set in Rockport, TX the night Hurricane Harvey makes landfall. When Mitch, a Trump supporter and former Navy SEAL suffering from multiple sclerosis refuses to evacuate, Ellen, his liberal millennial daughter, desperately fights to get him out and must decide whether to stay with him or save herself. As the hurricane bears down, difficult parts of their past and their current ideological differences play out. The two brace themselves for a night of tough winds, tough love, and confronting uncomfortable truths.

AND  YOU SHALL BE A BLESSING – a play with music about legendary Jewish singer/songwriter Debbie Friedman (1951-2011). Music & Lyrics by Debbie Friedman

HANS & SOPHIE – an intimate and resonant portrait of resistance, faith and conviction in the darkest of times. Using personal letters, coded correspondences, and diaries, this newly devised two-character drama is inspired by the true story of siblings Sophie and Hans Scholl, German students who led a covert resistance movement against The Nazi regime until they were caught by the Gestapo and executed for treason on February 22, 1943. Co-conceived with Illana Stein and Sean Hudock.

*HANS & SOPHIE will be developed in December 2018 through a Drama League First Stage Residency.