DRIVE – a drama (set in a future not far down the road) about a community of truck drivers whose lives are forced to shift gears when they lose their jobs to self-driving vehicles. DRIVE will investigate our collective fears surrounding an AI future, and the possibilities when individuals, particularly in a country where we’re so defined by our work, are forced to reevaluate their purpose and what drives them.

*DRIVE is being written and developed through the 2018-2019 Civilians’ R&D Group.

AND  YOU SHALL BE A BLESSING – a play with music about legendary Jewish singer/songwriter Debbie Friedman (1951-2011). Music & Lyrics by Debbie Friedman

HANS & SOPHIE – an intimate and resonant portrait of resistance, faith and conviction in the darkest of times. Using personal letters, coded correspondences, and diaries, this newly devised two-character drama is inspired by the true story of siblings Sophie and Hans Scholl, German students who led a covert resistance movement against The Nazi regime until they were caught by the Gestapo and executed for treason on February 22, 1943. Co-conceived with Illana Stein and Sean Hudock.

*HANS & SOPHIE was developed in December 2018 through a Drama League First Stage Residency in NYC. And was workshopped in March 2019 at Amphibian Stage Productions.